Are you sending it to my email address or to my home address?

Your code/key will be available to viewdownload on your EF Dashboard
We do not send products or package in the post nor in the email.

1. First, login with your email address and password at EF Dashboard, the proceed to My Orders

NOTE: If you paid as guest, your temporary password will been sent to your email address. 

2. In My Orders, locate the Order, then click the View Order button to view your code/key.

If you don't see your order or code/key, you can open a new support ticket to check the availability and status of your order. Make sure to include any of the following details below so we can assist you better

1. Order ID
2. PayPal Transaction ID (if PayPal was used to make the purchase)

3. PayPal-registered email address (if PayPal was used to make the purchase)