Having trouble redeeming the PlayStation code? First off, check the PlayStation Network Status page and make sure that the lights are green before you redeem the code. 

If all services are up and running, then please start with a simple process of elimination:

  • Did you enter the code correctly? Unless you are copying and pasting directly to the PSN Store via a PC, it’s way too easy to make a mistake when entering in a code manually.
  • Is your code PlayStation? Double-check that the code contains twelve digits.
  • Are you redeeming the code using a Master Account? Note that PSN cards can only be redeemed by Master Accounts, not Sub Accounts, and the address of the Master Account must match the region of the PSN card. To know the difference between these accounts, visit here.  
  • Tried rebooting or signing out? In most cases, a console reboot works wonders. You can also sign out of Account Management (on the web browser) or exit PlayStation Store and sign back in to refresh your account.
  • Redeemed the voucher multiple times? You can only use a voucher code once. To check the transaction history of your account, sign in to Account Management online. If already used, the voucher code will appear in the transaction details section.
  • Can’t find content? If you are attempting to redeem a content voucher, please check your library to see if you already own the title. To know how to find and download games, visit here.

If you’re still having trouble, try the steps below to resolve the issue.

PlayStation Store voucher is already redeemed

Please check the transaction history of each account associated with your PlayStation systems — top-ups will show as ‘Wallet Funding’. You may also need to check whether the content is already in your library (download list on PS3 and PS Vita). If it's not in any of your accounts, please contact our Support team by opening a new ticket (instructions provided below). 

PlayStation Store voucher has not been activated

If this happens, please contact our Support team by opening a new ticket (instructions provided below).

PlayStation Store voucher is from a different country

Please check if you purchased the correct voucher for your region. The region can be found on the product page. Unfortunately, voucher codes can only be redeemed in the same PlayStation Store region — it is not possible to change the region of an account (the region was selected when the account was set up). If this happens, please proceed to open a new ticket (instructions provided below).

PlayStation Store voucher was redeemed on the wrong account

It is not possible to transfer funds or content between accounts. Please verify you are signed in to the correct account for PlayStation™Network before redeeming a code. 

If you’re still having trouble redeeming your code, please open a new support ticket and include the details below so we can assist you better: 

1. Order / Transaction ID

2. PayPal email address and/or Delivery email address (if different from PayPal email address)

3. Type manually the product key (code or pre-loaded account details)

4. Screenshot of the pop-up/error message '

5. Additional information (if any)

NOTE: We don't provide replacements/refunds for products that are already redeemed to the account. Refunds are only processed provided that the product is in its unused condition and can be sold on. Used products are not eligible for refunds.